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Slab Lifting

Slab Lifting

Slab lifting with geotechnical polyurethane foam is a proven method to restore a concrete slab to its original elevation by injecting a two-part polyurethane foam through a series of small drilled holes in the slab that fill the voids beneath the settled or uneven slabs. This process, also referred to as poly lifting, foam jacking and poly jacking, has been used successfully in the residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and roadway markets.

Evaluating and estimating your project

Our team will evaluate the concrete slab failure and determine the cause. Understanding the problem will help in creating a permanent solution. Oftentimes the slab settles or fails because of soil erosion, expansive clays, tree roots, poor subgrade compaction or building materials left behind in the sub grade (decomposing wood, cardboard, paper, etc.). During our estimate, if permissible, we will drill several test holes in the failed slab and use a soil probe to check the void and test the compaction of the soil. Water flow and drainage is another problem that can wash away soil and undermine the base and create voids and unstable sub-grades that lead to concrete slab failure.

Determining the proper repair method involves choosing the proper lifting foam (density of foam), estimating the void beneath the slab, the soil conditions and pre-determined location of injection holes.

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